About The Literacy Movement Organization

The Literacy Movement Organization was established after the victory of the Islamic Republic through the decree of the great founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The LMO is affiliated to the ministry of education, and Head of this organization is the deputy minister of education.
 The LMO is in charge of policymaking, planning and leadership of the literacy services in Iran. The Supreme Council of Literacy supports literacy activities across the country and supervises the performance of the LMO. The first vice president is the head of this council and some of the ministers participate in the meeting as the members

The LMO's main task is to educate illiterate youth and adults to learn basic literacy skills such as reading, writing and calculating with the aim of obliterating the illiteracy's menacing phenomenon from the face the Islamic Republic's sacred system it took the responsibility to organize and manage rendering literacy services and availing a secondary opportunity of education for those individuals who have lagged behind from the first education opportunity.

The main target group of the LMO is 10-49 age groups with the priority of the disadvantaged 10-19 rural girls and women The LMO tries to promote the some basic competencies among its clients such as reading, writing, reading the Holy Quran and life skills.


Currently, the LMO's literacy scheme comprises three periods;

1)  Basic Literacy Courses: This course includes 400 hours; the clients can participate in the course through various methods such as person-to-person, group, classrooms. The learners, who can pass the final evaluation of the course, will receive the certificate of the literacy course, which is equal with a 3rd grade of primary education.

  2)     Fortification Course: This course aims at the clients who are unwilling to continue their education. The LMO has many deliverables in this course. The learners receive lots of various written materials such as textbooks, pamphlets, storybooks, etc

3.      Literacy Development Course: The literacy learners, who finish the basic literacy course and tend to continue their education, should participate in an 800 hour educational program (600 hours attendance in class rooms and 200 hours specified to the out of class activities). In this period they study Persian language, Holy Quran, Mathematics, Islamic Education, Basic Science, and Social Science. This course is equal with the 6th grade of primary education

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